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Iguana Meat

Iguana Meat

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Ingredients: Iguana Meat (includes entire animal with some feces removed), 100% natural collagen casing.

Shipping & Returns

We know shopping for new food can be stressful - which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If your reptile or amphibian does not eat the links after 3 weeks, simply send us an email with a picture of the unused product and the animal you are feeding and we will refund your order up to a maximum of $100.

Please note that this offer is for first-time customers only, the refund request must be received with 30 days of receiving your product, and the offer does not include Ball Pythons or wild-caught animals - while some customers have had success transitioning Balls we recommend not ordering the links for Balls unless you have other reptiles that can use them. Wild-caught animals have additional difficulties switching to food sources in general, and we do not condone the collection of wild-caught animals and will not assist in troubleshooting their husbandry.

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Customer Reviews

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Shipped and delivered a week earlier than expected. All reptilinks were perfectly frozen!

Jamy S.
Reptilinks is staple

I specialize in keeping Eastern Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) and Reptilinks is a staple element in their diet. As this (and other Drymarchon) species is known to eat a highly varied diet in the wild, Reptilink is my go-to supplement for feeding reptile (Iguana) and amphibian (frog) as part of their diet, along with the usual F/T whole prey rodents and birds (quail and chicks). I have never had any difficulty getting any of my Indigos to accept Reptilinks, invariably on the very first try.

Todd Cutting
Black Headed Pythons

I have 3 Black headed Pythons and they love these. I just thaw them place them in the cage and the snakes just come right out and eat them immediately. These have been a wonderful find to help keep a more well rounded diet for my snakes and I will likely use the micro and minis for getting any babies I breed started.

Matthew M.
Iguana reptilinks

I’ve had Very good experience with iguana reptilinks. My Texas indigo snakes love them and their a great way of diversifying diet.

Blackland Geology and Reptiles
Excellent Product!

I bought these for a western coachwhip that wouldn't eat anything but live geckos. I started off by sneaking the link into her enclosure after she had eaten the gecko and since she was still in hunting mode, she gobbled it right up. After a time, she started taking them without the gecko, and now they're her go-to food item (along with button quail). If she's nearing the end of a shed cycle, she may or may not eat. In those instances, I offered the link to my Texas indigos and they took them with gusto. I've also had success giving them to gray-banded kings and desert kings. I'm pretty sure my speckled king would probably eat them if she were big enough to do so.