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25/25/50 Omnivore blend + Insects for Bearded Dragons & Blue-tongued Skinks

25/25/50 Omnivore blend + Insects for Bearded Dragons & Blue-tongued Skinks

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These links are specially formulated for adult and subadult Bearded Dragons and blue-tongued skinks (BTS) they contain 50% vegetable matter (no fruit), 25% insects, and 25% lean rabbit. They are also suitable for many other omnivore species!

Ingredients: Insects (hisser roaches, crickets, superworms), Rabbit (Ohio raised New Zealand white or California white breed, includes entire carcass) organic green beans, collard greens, dandelion greens, endive, 100% natural collagen casing.

Shipping & Returns

We know shopping for new food can be stressful - which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If your reptile or amphibian does not eat the links after 3 weeks, simply send us an email with a picture of the unused product and the animal you are feeding and we will refund your order up to a maximum of $100.

Please note that this offer is for first-time customers only, the refund request must be received with 30 days of receiving your product, and the offer does not include Ball Pythons or wild-caught animals - while some customers have had success transitioning Balls we recommend not ordering the links for Balls unless you have other reptiles that can use them. Wild-caught animals have additional difficulties switching to food sources in general, and we do not condone the collection of wild-caught animals and will not assist in troubleshooting their husbandry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
2/3 bearded dragons didn’t like

I got these because I have two sick bearded dragons with poor appetites and had heard that these might get them to eat. Rejected by both of the picky eaters. Our boy dragon who will eat anything loved them but they’re pretty large for bearded dragon food and he had a really hard time eating them. I few times I found them with teeth marks where he had tried to eat and couldn’t. Would definitely recommend they make them smaller for a product specifically labeled for bearded dragons.

So helpful

I am taking care of a previously neglected elderly skink. She had terrible nutrition for a long time and I was struggling to get her to diversify her diet. She would refuse to eat anything but the terrible food she was used to, save for the occasional apple bits, and I was starting to run out of ideas. Then someone recommended me this website that they had heard about from a reptile channel on YouTube so I decided to give it a shot.

She absolutely loves it!! Immediately when she switched over to this food she decided she didn’t want anything to do with her old food anymore, and I can even put her vet recommended supplements on it and she’ll still gobble it up. I’m so relieved.


Bearded dragon didn’t even eat not one waste of money

Lore Borowczyk
good stuff

easy to dethaw and great to make sure my picky blue tounge skink is getting his veggies.

Adult blue tongue loves these

These are just devoured. We purchased an almost two year old northern blue tongue skink who really just wanted to eat proteins . This is a great way to get a balanced meal with each feeding. Thank you for making it easy!