Getting Starting Guide

Welcome to the Reptilinks Family!

Your links contain frozen or refrigerated items that should be stored in the freezer immediately upon receiving.  Please note that there is usually some dry ice in your package, so please follow proper dry ice handling procedures as outlined in your packing slip.  If your links are completely thawed or not frozen or at refrigerated temperatures, please contact us immediately.  

Thawing your Reptilinks

We recommend allowing your reptilinks to come to room temperature naturally or using a heat lamp.  Do not place the links in water, as that can compromise the integrity of the casings.  Thaw only the links that you need for feeding, keeping the remaining links frozen.  You can separate the links that may be frozen together by gently using a knife.  

Feeding your Reptilinks

We recommend tong feeding reptilinks to most species. point the link so the long-way is in the direction of the animal.   It's best to limit the strike distance from the link to the animals head.  If you are having trouble feeding, check out some tips and tricks by clicking here, or watching our youtube videos here

Storing your Reptilinks

We recommend storing your reptilinks inside of a ziplock bag with as much air removed as possible, and then putting that bag inside an air proof Tupperware style container in the freezer.   If you will be feeding reptilinks again in the short-term, you can store them in the refrigerator, otherwise they should be stored in the freezer long-term.  Inexpensive vacuum sealers can be found on our website or amazon, and are a a great solution for preventing freezer burn and storing all frozen foods in general.