Cased, Whole-Prey Links + Ground Prey

Cased links provide all the nutritional benefits of whole-prey, and so much more!  Select from combinations of chicken, frog, pheasant, quail, rabbit, and guinea fowl.  Available from 8g to 100g, with and without fruits and veggies. 

Micro and Mini Links

Micro and mini links are ground whole-prey in an alginate casing, Perfect for hatchling and neonates, and juvenile or adults of the smallest species!  Micro links are smaller than pinky mice, and mini links are roughly the size of pinky mice. 

Uncased Prey (Rats, Mice, Chicks and Eggs)

You can now order whole-animal from Reptilinks (entire carcass, unground), allowing you to shop for both links and whole animal from one store, saving you money on shipping!  Stay tuned! We will be expanding this section soon!

Scenting - Frog/Anole/Gecko/Fish Juice

A must-have when transitioning amphibian, reptile, and fish specialists.  Species-proven to elicit greater feeding responses every time! 

Reptilinks Breeding Partners

Reptilinks is teaming with the best breeders in the industry to connect you with animals who have already been introduced to the Reptilinks diet!  

Reptilinks Gift Card

A perfect gift for the reptile enthusiast in your life!  Digital gift card sent via email. 



Reptilinks Apparel

Got your swag on!  High quality T-shirts and Hoodies now available. 

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