Coronavirus Update

We just wanted to send a quick note letting all of customers know that we will continue to operate during the Covid-19 outbreak, so long as FedEx continues to ship our packages and we have dry ice from our supplier. So far, we do not expect any disruptions in these services, but as you know this is a rapidly developing situation. If possible, we encourage you to support our small business during this time and other small businesses that may be struggling during reduced economic activity. We encourage you to order 3 months of food, if possible, in case our operations are disrupted.  We are all in this together! Please see below for details on how we are keeping you and your pet food safe.

Nick, Tyler, Stacy, Josh, and Mason

A note about or facility:

In our food production facility, we're operating with extreme care as usual and adhering to strict safety practices. Our facilities operate under the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. This program ensures that all food is prepared as safely as possible, and it means:

-Employees are instructed to stay at home if they're feeling unwell in any way.

-Before handling any food or food packaging, employees follow vigorous hand washing procedure and operate with sterile disposable gloves.

-We're systematically verifying food safe temperatures during food processing and storage.

-We're cleaning and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces and all kitchen and production equipment before and after use on a strict schedule throughout the day, every day.

Additionally, the CDC has stated that coronaviruses have poor survivability on the surfaces of food products or packaging (see the FAQ "Can the virus that causes COVID-19 be spread through food, including refrigerated or frozen food?"). Ultimately, the risk of spread from food products or packaging shipped over a period of days at ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures is very low. That's the context in which we ship your meals. The FDA also supports this statement by the CDC (see the section headed "Food").