[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="369.0"]Nick Helble and Megan Wiles pictured with Jim Nesci’s “Bubba”, who can't seem to get enough Reptilinks! Nick Helble and Megan Wiles pictured with Jim Nesci’s “Bubba”, who can't seem to get enough Reptilinks![/caption]

Reptilinks LLC was founded in 2015 by brothers Nick and Tyler Helble.  Nick has been a professional reptile breeder and enthusiast for over 25 years.  His facility in Blanchester, Ohio houses an assortment of locality specific boa constrictors, various species of pythons, Mexican black king snakes, tegu and monitor lizards, and Argentinean horned frogs.  

The concept for Reptilinks was born from a vision to create the healthiest reptile food possible.  Unhappy with the pricing and selection of commercially available reptile food and a desire for alternatives to feeder rodents, in 2010 Nick began formulating food for his personal collection of reptiles.  Over the years, Nick perfected a no-mess, healthy method to quickly and affordably feed his large collection of animals.  Following the first year on an exclusive Reptilinks diet, Nick produced the largest and healthiest clutches of his breeding career.  Impressed with the growth and overall increase in animal health achieved from this feeding regimen, Nick became enthusiastic about sharing the benefits of Reptilinks with others.  

Nick enlisted the expertise of his brother Tyler, also a reptile enthusiast, engineer, and environmental scientist, to help with logistics of product development and customer experience.  The team is also joined by Megan Wiles, Josh Carver, as well as several pet food, packaging, and nutrition consultants.