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Tegu Hatchling Bundle - The best Tegu food on the market.

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Raw whole-prey quadruple-ground and blended with organic fruits and vegetables - providing a healthy, safe, convenient first food source for your juvenile Tegu.  The naturally high calcium-to-phospherous ratio ensures your Tegu will maintain great c:p ratios allowing you to safely add variety to your Tegus diet with insects and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The bundle includes two 1/2 kg packs of ground whole-prey without casings (2 rabbit/chicken/fruits/veggies) and 1 pack of 50 8-12 g links (includes 50 chicken/rabbit/fruits/veggies links).  

The pack provides a total of 1.5 kg of food (3.3 pounds). The ground prey (without the casing) can be served until the Tegu has grown enough to eat the 8-12 g links.  The bundle should provide 6 months food for your hatchling.

Chicken/Rabbit Ingredients: 50/50 blend of whole prey free-range chicken (includes entire carcass and some feathers) and rabbit (Ohio raised New Zealand white or California white breed, includes entire carcass except guts) organic green beans, collard greens, dandelion greens, endive, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, 100% natural collagen casing.


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