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Frog & Rabbit

Frog & Rabbit

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Ingredients: 50/50 blend of Bullfrog legs and rabbit (Ohio raised New Zealand white or California white breed, includes entire carcass). 100% natural collagen casing.

Shipping & Returns

We know shopping for new food can be stressful - which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If your reptile or amphibian does not eat the links after 3 weeks, simply send us an email with a picture of the unused product and the animal you are feeding and we will refund your order up to a maximum of $100.

Please note that this offer is for first-time customers only, the refund request must be received with 30 days of receiving your product, and the offer does not include Ball Pythons or wild-caught animals - while some customers have had success transitioning Balls we recommend not ordering the links for Balls unless you have other reptiles that can use them. Wild-caught animals have additional difficulties switching to food sources in general, and we do not condone the collection of wild-caught animals and will not assist in troubleshooting their husbandry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Chandler Victor
Hognose Approved!

Almost ready to buy more for my hognose. As long as he loves them, I do too.


My noodles cant get enough of these and its so healthy for them too🤗🤗

Lora F.
Feeding garter snakes

My garters love reptilinks. I have tried a couple formulas now. They will even eat them while in blue.

Shannon O.
My snakes love it!! I

My snakes love it!! I love how I can vary their diet with ReptiLinks!

Ryan Dumas / Cincinnati Zoo
Amazing Product.

I've personally used links for the past year and a half with my collection (carpet pythons and black ratsnakes) and all but one animal has taken them. You notice a difference not just in growth, but even more importantly in behavior and activity. At work I've been using links for eight months and nearly every reptile there has had links. Yellow tree monitors, shinisaurus, Gila monsters, false water cobras, copperhead, caiman lizard, all sizes of alligators, green tree pythons, box turtles, ringed map turtles, blue tongue skinks, sheltopusik,milksnakes, and tegus all eat them on a regular basis. I started of using them more as a supplement but have switched to using them as a staple diet at home and at work. They are more expensive than your equivalent rodent, but you're getting a superior product. The animals used in links are coming from local, small farmers who are feeding them a high quality diet. And remember you're getting a product that is twice as dense, calorically than any rodent. I'm feeding my animals less often and they're still thriving more than before the switch! For those reasons, $19 shipping is worth every penny. I love these things and am happy I explored food items outside the norm. Great job guys!