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Button Quail Chicks (whole animal, vacuum sealed)

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Button Quail are native to the continents of Asia and Africa.  Due to their small size and ground nesting habit, button quail and their eggs are an important food source for many small reptiles and the young of many larger reptile species.  Reptilinks now carries, fresh frozen, whole, day old button quail chicks! You won’t see these offered by other reptile food suppliers! Button eggs are are 1/4-1/2 the size and weight of traditional quail eggs and that means the babies are tiny!  Weighing in at an average of only 3 grams, these highly nutritious, small chicks are perfect for many baby snakes as well as adult snakes, baby or juvenile lizards, and frogs. Many keepers and breeders will find these a great asset compared to pinky mice because they have feathers and bone structure even at a day old! This means no more loose stools! Many reptiles will enthusiastically accept quail but not mice at the early stages of life but traditional quail are too big. Not anymore! Happy feedings! 

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